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Where NFT holders come together everyday to chat, interact, buy and swap artworks.

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With rooms we verify you securely as an NFT owner. Unlock rooms for each of your collections and start chatting!

A preview showing the chatroom for Kreechures NFT.
A preview if the wallet import optios in the app. Scan a QR code to import your wallet or create new secure wallets and save your seed phrase

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Onboard quickly and securely by adding wallets to the app. We’ll do the magic and connect you to your tribes.

Manage all your  crypto assets

in one place.

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Because we all love to browse through our collections we’re bringing everything you own into one dedicated space. Nobody online yet? Browse through your art and think about the next purchase.

Only on Solana mobile


curated NFTs

Buy & sell on a decentralized marketplace. Follow us on Twitter to be the first to know when we launch.

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